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Application of E-load in Mining Machine Power Supply

Digital crypto currencies are generated through a specific computational process commonly known as "mining." "Mining" heavily relies on computational power and power consumption. The higher the computational power under a given power consumption, the stronger the "mining" capability could provide. Although mining machine chip manufacturers continuously strive to improve computational power, the mining scale keeps expanding. As a result, whether based on graphics cards, FPGAs, or ASICs, mining machines operate under extreme performance pressure and run continuously for the long term. The total electricity consumption is astonishingly high and continues to increase. Indeed, "mining" requires a significant amount of electrical energy, and it demands exceptionally high stability from the mining machines. A good mining machine power supply should not only provide the required power for the operation of the mining machine but also have higher conversion efficiency, allowing for relatively lower power consumption during "mining." Therefore, having a reliable power supply is crucial for the stable operation of the mining machine.

Recently, a technical company in Shenzhen purchased APM E-load EL600VDC13200W to test the performance and stability of mining machine power supplies. APM programmable E-load features constant current, constant voltage, constant power, constant resistance, constant impedance, dynamic current, dynamic resistance, sweep function, and List working mode. It can read back voltage, current, and power parameters. It is equipped with short-circuit test function, OCP, OPP, OVP, OTP, and reverse connection alarm functions. It can detect the voltage and current of E-load (0~10V) via an external simulation output interface. Standard communication interface includes RS232/RS485/USB and it is optional for LAN&GPIB communication interfaces. APM provides monitoring software, which can real-time record voltage and current data and facilitate data import and export. It greatly meets customers' testing requirements.

Customers have given high recognition to the excellence performance of APM product. While improving the efficiency of product testing, it also saved costs for enterprises. Customer has decided to increase purchase of APM products in further test.

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