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EL Series

High-density Programmable DC Electronic Load

This series High-density Programmable DC Electronic Load provides four voltage ranges 40V/200V/600V/1200V. With industry-leading ultra-high power density technology, 4U height can reach 8.1kw.Supports CV, CC, CR and CP these 4 basic operating modes, as well as CV+CC, CV+CR, CR+CC these 3 complex operating modes. Full protection includings OCP, OPP, OTP, over voltage and reverse alarm. Support external control and monitor mode, the 0 to 10V input or output signal represent 0 to full range voltage or current. Provide OCP test, OPP test and Short circuit simulation to effectively solve the application demands for power and automated testing. Built-in RS232, RS485 and USB communication interfaces, LAN&GPIB communication card is optional. Two or more loads can be connected in master-slave parallel mode to provide more power or current capacity. This series DC load can be applied to battery discharge, DC charging station and power electronics and other electronics products.

Product Features

Flippable front panel and color touch screen allow convenient access and operation

Dynamic frequency sweep function for determining worst case voltage peaks*

Non linear load mode function makes the simulated loading current more realistic*

Short circuit test mode

Supports external analog control function


Adjustable current slew rate, adjustable CV loop speed

LED load simulation function

Ultra high precision voltage & current measurement

Full protection: OCP, OPP, OTP, over voltage and reverse alarm

OCP/OPP testing function

Maximum power point tracking*

50kHz high-speed CC/CR dynamic mode

Up to 20 units master/slave parallel control

500kHz high-speed voltage and current sampling rate

Timing & discharging measurement for batteries

Front panel USB interface supports data import and export

Smart fan control with lower noise and better for environment

SCPI language and standard rack size make it ideal for ATE System integration

Multi versions to meet the cost performance and different applications

Provides four kinds of basic working mode such as CV/CC/CR/CP, and CV+CC/CV+CR/CR+CC complex operating modes

Auto mode function provides an easy way to do complicated tes

* Only professional Electronic Load units support these functions

Function & Advantage

Small Size, High Power Density

This series adopts high power density design. 8.1kW is with only 4U height.

Flippable Front Panel and Color Touch Screen

This series High Power DC Load is equipped with flippable front panel for 4U, 7U, 10U and 13U height models. Together with a large color touch screen provides simple and fast operation for customer. Real-time update of display input data, status and graphical display makes it more intuitive.

Multiple Operating Mode

This series High Power DC Load provides four kinds of basic operating mode including CV (constant voltage), CC (constant current), CR (constant resistance), CP (constant power), to satisfy a wide range of test requirements.

Adjustable CV Loop Speed

This series electronic load supports CV loop response speed setting to FAST, NORMAL or SLOW to satisfy different test requirements. This function may avoid the inaccurate measurement or testing fail caused by the response speed mismatch between the load and the power supply, which is possible to improve test efficiency and reduce costs on the equipments, time and expenses.

Dynamic Load

This series electronic load can be switched quickly between different values in the same operating mode, including CC dynamic mode, CV dynamic mode, CR dynamic mode and CP dynamic mode, CC/CR high speed dynamic mode up to 50kHz. This function is suitable for transient test of power supply, test of battery protection characteristic and battery pulse charging etc. Dynamic mode test has continuous mode, pulse mode and toggle mode.

Sine Wave Dynamic Load

This series electronic load supports sine wave loading function which allows to load sine wave, can be used for impedance analysis test of fuel cells.

Dynamic Frequency Sweep Function

This series electronic load provides a unique constant current dynamic sweep to use frequency conversion to find out the UUT voltage of worst case. This CC dynamic sweep allows the user to edit two load levels, start frequency, end frequency, step frequency, dwell etc. The sampling rate is up to 500kHz, which make it can simulate different loading conditions for most test requirements.

Maximum power point tracking (MPPT)

It can be applied to track the maximum power point of solar panels. Through the maximum power point tracking method, the maximum power point of the solar panel can be dynamically searched all the time, which can maximize the effectiveness of solar panels.


Simulating capacitive loads makes the current draw closer to the real situation. It is mainly applied for simulating capacitive loads turn on and turn off test. It can prevent the power supply from charging the capacitors on the motherboard when the power is turned on suddenly, which will cause the inrush current to trigger the power supply over-current protection and make the power supply fail to start smoothly.

Battery Discharge Test

This series electronic load has battery discharge function, and can perform discharge test under CC, CR or CP mode. The DC load can set end volatge or time to stop loading correctly and make sure the battery is not damaged due to over discharge. The user can set stop conditions, whenever met any condition, the load will stop loading and counting automatically. During the test, users can observe battery's voltage, discharging time and already-discharged-capacity.

Auto Mode

This mode allows automatically switches among CV, CR, CC and CP modes. It is suitable for lithium ion battery charger testing to get a complete V-I charging curve. This flexible auto mode also enormously improve test efficiency.


This series electronic load provides OCP and OPP modes are mainly applied in over-current and over-power points tests. After the testing the load can automatically judge the test result according to the set specifications. Take OPP testing as example, the OPP provides ramped up power for the load to test the UUT voltage whether has reached trigger voltage level and to judge if the protection is acting normally or not.

List Mode

The list function allows user to create waveform files to automatically simulate various complicated loading conditions. The list mode has 10 files, by editing operating mode (including CC, CV, CR ,CP, Short and ON/OFF), repeat times, total steps, setting value of each step and step time etc. This function can be applied to the testing of output characteristic and stability for power supply.

Master/Slave Control

This series electronic load provides the user with Master/slave mode, supports parallel connection under different power and same voltage and dynamically synchronized. In Master/slave mode, the user only need to control the master one, the load current will be automatically calculated and downloaded to the slave loads. The Master/slave mode greatly simplifies the operation when increased power is needed.

External Control and Current/Voltage Monitoring

This series electronic load has analog control interface to control the input voltage and current. The external signal 0 to 10V controls the sinking condition from 0 to full scale. Using the external control mode can simulate arbitrary waveform which is ideal for industrial control requirement. The 0 to 10V analog output signal of V-MON/I-MON terminals represent input to which the terminals belong from 0 to full range. An external voltmeter or oscilloscope can be connected to display input voltage/current change.

Options & Accessories

  • Handles (standard)With fixing screws

  • DC input protective cover (standard)With fixing screws

  • BNC cable (optional)Voltage / current output monitoring

  • USB communication cable(optional)For USB communication

  • RS-232 communication cable (standard)For RS-232 communication

  • Remote voltage sampling cable (standard)One red, one black

  • System bus communication cable (optional)Connect for master-slave communication

  • Power cable (standard)

  • Pads (standard)Applicable in 2U/3U/4U

  • GPIB & LAN card & communication cable (optional)For communication between GPIB and LAN

  • Professional version upgrade software (optional)Upgrade version from advanced to professional

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Model Search

Model Voltage Current Power Voltage Resolution Current Resolution Voltage Accuracy Current Accuracy Size  
EL40VDC3400W 40V 620A 3400W 0.1mV0.5mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.1%+0.05%F.S.3U Inquiry
EL40VDC4400W 40V 800A 4400W 0.1mV0.5mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.1%+0.05%F.S.3U Inquiry
EL40VDC5600W 40V 1020A 5600W 0.1mV1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.1%+0.05%F.S.3U Inquiry
EL40VDC6600W 40V 1200A 6600W 0.1mV1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.1%+0.05%F.S.4U Inquiry
EL200VDC600W 200V 60A 600W 0.1mV0.1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.2U Inquiry
EL200VDC1200W 200V 130A 1200W 0.1mV0.1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.2U Inquiry
EL200VDC1800W 200V 190A 1800W 0.1mV0.1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.2U Inquiry
EL200VDC2400W 200V 260A 2400W 0.1mV0.5mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.2U Inquiry
EL200VDC3000W 200V 320A 3000W 0.1mV0.5mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.2U Inquiry
EL200VDC3400W 200V 370A 3400W 0.1mV0.5mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.3U Inquiry
EL200VDC4400W 200V 480A 4400W 0.1mV0.5mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.3U Inquiry
EL200VDC5600W 200V 610A 5600W 0.1mV0.5mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.3U Inquiry
EL200VDC6600W 200V 720A 6600W 0.1mV0.5mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.4U Inquiry
EL200VDC8100W 200V 720A 8100W 0.1mV0.5mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.4U Inquiry
EL200VDC8800W 200V 960A 8800W 0.1mV1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.7U Inquiry
EL200VDC10300W 200V 960A 10300W 0.1mV1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.7U Inquiry
EL200VDC11000W 200V 1200A 11000W 0.1mV1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.7U Inquiry
EL200VDC12500W 200V 1200A 12500W 0.1mV1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.7U Inquiry
EL200VDC13200W 200V 1440A 13200W 0.1mV1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.7U Inquiry
EL200VDC14700W 200V 1440A 14700W 0.1mV1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.7U Inquiry
EL200VDC15400W 200V 1680A 15400W 0.1mV2mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.10U Inquiry
EL200VDC16900W 200V 1680A 16900W 0.1mV2mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.10U Inquiry
EL200VDC17600W 200V 1920A 17600W 0.1mV2mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.10U Inquiry
EL200VDC19100W 200V 1920A 19100W 0.1mV2mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.10U Inquiry
EL200VDC19800W 200V 2160A 19800W 0.1mV2mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.10U Inquiry
EL200VDC21300W 200V 2160A 21300W 0.1mV2mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.10U Inquiry
EL200VDC22000W 200V 2400A 22000W 0.1mV4mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.13U Inquiry
EL200VDC23500W 200V 2400A 23500W 0.1mV4mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.13U Inquiry
EL200VDC24200W 200V 2640A 24200W 0.1mV4mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.13U Inquiry
EL200VDC25700W 200V 2640A 25700W 0.1mV4mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.13U Inquiry
EL200VDC26400W 200V 2880A 26400W 0.1mV4mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.13U Inquiry
EL200VDC27900W 200V 2880A 27900W 0.1mV4mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.13U Inquiry
EL600VDC600W 600V 40A 600W 0.5mV0.1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.2U Inquiry
EL600VDC1200W 600V 90A 1200W 0.5mV0.1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.2U Inquiry
EL600VDC1800W 600V 130A 1800W 0.5mV0.1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.2U Inquiry
EL600VDC2400W 600V 180A 2400W 0.5mV0.2mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.2U Inquiry
EL600VDC3000W 600V 220A 3000W 0.5mV0.2mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.2U Inquiry
EL600VDC3400W 600V 250A 3400W 0.5mV0.4mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.3U Inquiry
EL600VDC4400W 600V 320A 4400W 0.5mV0.4mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.3U Inquiry
EL600VDC5600W 600V 410A 5600W 0.5mV0.4mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.3U Inquiry
EL600VDC6600W 600V 480A 6600W 0.5mV0.5mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.4U Inquiry
EL600VDC8100W 600V 600A 8100W 0.5mV0.5mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.4U Inquiry
EL600VDC8800W 600V 640A 8800W 0.5mV0.5mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.7U Inquiry
EL600VDC10300W 600V 760A 10300W 0.5mV0.5mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.7U Inquiry
EL600VDC11000W 600V 800A 11000W 0.5mV1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.7U Inquiry
EL600VDC12500W 600V 920A 12500W 0.5mV1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.7U Inquiry
EL600VDC13200W 600V 960A 13200W 0.5mV1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.7U Inquiry
EL600VDC14700W 600V 1080A 14700W 0.5mV1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.7U Inquiry
EL600VDC15400W 600V 1120A 15400W 0.5mV1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.10U Inquiry
EL600VDC16900W 600V 1240A 16900W 0.5mV1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.10U Inquiry
EL600VDC17600W 600V 1280A 17600W 0.5mV1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.10U Inquiry
EL600VDC19100W 600V 1400A 19100W 0.5mV1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.10U Inquiry
EL600VDC19800W 600V 1440A 19800W 0.5mV2mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.10U Inquiry
EL600VDC21300W 600V 1560A 21300W 0.5mV2mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.10U Inquiry
EL600VDC22000W 600V 1600A 22000W 0.5mV2mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.13U Inquiry
EL600VDC23500W 600V 1720A 23500W 0.5mV2mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.13U Inquiry
EL600VDC24200W 600V 1760A 24200W 0.5mV2mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.13U Inquiry
EL600VDC25700W 600V 1880A 25700W 0.5mV2mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.13U Inquiry
EL600VDC26400W 600V 1920A 26400W 0.5mV2mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.13U Inquiry
EL600VDC27900W 600V 2040A 27900W 0.5mV2mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.13U Inquiry
EL1200VDC1200W 1200V 45A 1200W 1mV0.1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.2U Inquiry
EL1200VDC2400W 1200V 90A 2400W 1mV0.1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.2U Inquiry
EL1200VDC3400W 1200V 125A 3400W 1mV0.2mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.3U Inquiry
EL1200VDC4400W 1200V 160A 4400W 1mV0.2mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.3U Inquiry
EL1200VDC5600W 1200V 205A 5600W 1mV0.2mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.3U Inquiry
EL1200VDC6600W 1200V 240A 6600W 1mV0.2mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.4U Inquiry
EL1200VDC8800W 1200V 320A 8800W 1mV0.4mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.7U Inquiry
EL1200VDC11000W 1200V 400A 11000W 1mV0.4mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.7U Inquiry
EL1200VDC13200W 1200V 480A 13200W 1mV0.4mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.7U Inquiry
EL1200VDC15400W 1200V 560A 15400W 1mV0.5mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.10U Inquiry
EL1200VDC17600W 1200V 640A 17600W 1mV0.5mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.10U Inquiry
EL1200VDC19800W 1200V 720A 19800W 1mV0.5mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.10U Inquiry
EL1200VDC22000W 1200V 800A 22000W 1mV1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.13U Inquiry
EL1200VDC24200W 1200V 880A 24200W 1mV1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.13U Inquiry
EL1200VDC26400W 1200V 960A 26400W 1mV1mA0.015%+0.015%F.S.0.04%+0.04%F.S.13U Inquiry

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