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SPS Series

DC Power Supply System

APM provides stable DC output. Built-in voltage and current measurement function could provide wider range voltage and current combination. Single unit could cover range from 12KW to 40KW. Power rang could reach to 2000A and voltage range could reach to 1200V.DC source system can fulfill different kinds of DC power applications. Users can set the output voltage, current arbitrarily. Measure all kinds of features and display on VFD. At the meanwhile, power source provide multi standard interface, simplify and accelerate test development.

Product Features

With accurate voltage and current measurement capability

Coded knobs, multifunctional keyboard

Standard RS232/RS485/USB interface, Optional for GPIB and LAN

Remote sensing to compensate for voltage drop in load leads

Support CV and CC automatically switch

Function of editing List waveform

Use SCPI commands

CE certified


Function & Advantage

Short Mode Function

This function is applicable to cable/fuse current carrying capacity test, when activated , the power supply will shutdown the short circuit protection function and maintain ultra- low voltage to output rated current.

LIST Waveform Editing Function

This series power supply supports 3 kinds of LIST file editing format in order to meet the output elements of different test requirements.The minimum resolution of time setting is 1ms.

Impulse File Format

Sets the trend of the output voltage over time and its duration. Set the mode of the output waveform execution as required, LOOP ,CONT, STEP.

Slope File Format

Support to set the slope of output voltage, achieve to slowly increase and drop of the output voltage. Set the mode of the output waveform execution as required, LOOP , CONT, STEP.

SEQUENCE Waveform Editing function

This function is an upgrade version of the LIST file editing. Its every step is a complete LIST file. It can combine several LIST file and output, meanwhile, it can set the number of repetitions per LIST file and number of executions of the entire SEQUENCE file.

Measure Average Function

Under this mode, if the DUT has a sharp change in voltage and current, the averaging times can be adjusted to be FAST, MEDIUM or SLOW to make the displayed value more stable.

Current Counting Function

This function offers testing of the cutoff time of a breaker or a fuse. Starts timing when the current reaches the circuit breaker or fuse's fusing current Ib, stops timing when disconnected, the timing resolution is up to 200ms.

Monitoring Software

Options & Accessories

  • RS-232 communication cable (standard)For RS-232 communication

  • USB communication cable(optional)For USB communication

  • GPIB card & communication cable (optional)For GPIB communication

  • LAN communication interface (optional) this accessory must be confirmed when ordering

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Model Search

Model Voltage Current Power Voltage Ripple Current Ripple Size  
SPS32VDC12000W-2-13 32V 600A 12kW 120mVp-p/20mVrms600mA(Full Range),300mA(TYP Value)13U Inquiry
SPS32VDC24000W-2-19 32V 1200A 24kW 120mVp-p/20mVrms1200mA(Full Range),600mA(TYP Value)19U Inquiry
SPS32VDC40000W-2-27 32V 2000A 40kW 120mVp-p/20mVrms2000mA(Full Range),1000mA(TYP Value)27U Inquiry
SPS40VDC12000W-2-13 40V 360A 12kW 80mVp-p/12mVrms225mA(Full Range),30mA(TYP Value)13U Inquiry
SPS40VDC24000W-2-19 40V 720A 24kW 80mVp-p/12mVrms450mA(Full Range),60mA(TYP Value)19U Inquiry
SPS40VDC40000W-2-27 40V 1200A 40kW 80mVp-p/12mVrms750mA(Full Range),100mA(TYP Value)27U Inquiry
SPS75VDC12000W-2-13 75V 180A 12kW 80mVp-p/16mVrms90mA(Full Range),15mA(TYP Value)13U Inquiry
SPS75VDC24000W-2-19 75V 360A 24kW 80mVp-p/16mVrms180mA(Full Range),30mA(TYP Value)19U Inquiry
SPS75VDC40000W-2-27 75V 600A 40kW 80mVp-p/16mVrms300mA(Full Range),50mA(TYP Value)27U Inquiry
SPS80VDC9000W-2-13 80V 180A 9kW 120mVp-p/18mVrms75mA(Full Range),15mA(TYP Value)13U Inquiry
SPS80VDC18000W-2-19 80V 360A 18kW 240mVp-p/36mVrms150mA(Full Range),30mA(TYP Value)19U Inquiry
SPS80VDC30000W-2-27 80V 600A 30kW 400mVp-p/60mVrms250mA(Full Range),50mA(TYP Value)27U Inquiry
SPS96VDC12000W-2-13 96V 200A 12kW 90mVp-p/15mVrms800mA(Full Range),400mA(TYP Value)13U Inquiry
SPS120VDC12000W-2-13 120V 120A 12kW 160mVp-p/30mVrms90mA(Full Range),15mA(TYP Value)13U Inquiry
SPS120VDC24000W-2-19 120V 240A 24kW 160mVp-p/30mVrms180mA(Full Range),30mA(TYP Value)19U Inquiry
SPS120VDC40000W-2-27 120V 400A 40kW 160mVp-p/30mVrms300mA(Full Range),50mA(TYP Value)27U Inquiry
SPS150VDC12000W-2-13 150V 90A 12kW 160mVp-p/30mVrms90mA(Full Range),15mA(TYP Value)13U Inquiry
SPS150VDC24000W-2-19 150V 180A 24kW 160mVp-p/30mVrms180mA(Full Range),30mA(TYP Value)19U Inquiry
SPS150VDC40000W-2-27 150V 300A 40kW 160mVp-p/30mVrms300mA(Full Range),50mA(TYP Value)27U Inquiry
SPS192VDC24000W-2-19 192V 200A 24kW 180mVp-p/30mVrms800mA(Full Range),400mA(TYP Value)19U Inquiry
SPS200VDC12000W-2-13 200V 72A 12kW 300mVp-p/60mVrms75mA(Full Range),30mA(TYP Value)13U Inquiry
SPS200VDC24000W-2-19 200V 144A 24kW 300mVp-p/60mVrms150mA(Full Range),60mA(TYP Value)19U Inquiry
SPS200VDC40000W-2-27 200V 240A 40kW 300mVp-p/60mVrms250mA(Full Range),100mA(TYP Value)27U Inquiry
SPS225VDC12000W-2-13 225V 60A 12kW 60mVp-p/12mVrms120mA(Full Range),20mA(TYP Value)13U Inquiry
SPS240VDC9000W-2-13 240V 60A 9kW 60mVp-p/9mVrms150mA(Full Range),30mA(TYP Value)13U Inquiry
SPS240VDC24000W-2-19 240V 120A 24kW 120mVp-p/18mVrms300mA(Full Range),40mA(TYP Value)19U Inquiry
SPS320VDC40000W-2-27 320V 200A 40kW 300mVp-p/50mVrms800mA(Full Range),400mA(TYP Value)27U Inquiry
SPS360VDC12000W-2-13 360V 40A 12kW 120mVp-p/22.5mVrms120mA(Full Range),20mA(TYP Value)13U Inquiry
SPS400VDC40000W-2-27 400V 120A 40kW 200mVp-p/30mVrms300mA(Full Range),40mA(TYP Value)27U Inquiry
SPS450VDC12000W-2-13 450V 30A 12kW 120mVp-p/22.5mVrms120mA(Full Range),20mA(TYP Value)13U Inquiry
SPS450VDC24000W-2-19 450V 60A 24kW 120mVp-p/24mVrms120mA(Full Range),20mA(TYP Value)19U Inquiry
SPS480VDC18000W-2-19 480V 60A 18kW 120mVp-p/18mVrms300mA(Full Range),60mA(TYP Value)19U Inquiry
SPS600VDC12000W-2-13 600V 30A 12kW 700mVp-p/80mVrms37.5mA(Full Range),15mA(TYP Value)13U Inquiry
SPS600VDC24000W-2-19 600V 60A 24kW 700mVp-p/80mVrms75mA(Full Range),30mA(TYP Value)19U Inquiry
SPS600VDC40000W-2-27 600V 100A 40kW 700mVp-p/80mVrms125mA(Full Range),50mA(TYP Value)27U Inquiry
SPS720VDC24000W-2-19 720V 40A 24kW 240mVp-p/45mVrms120mA(Full Range),20mA(TYP Value)19U Inquiry
SPS750VDC40000W-2-27 750V 60A 40kW 200mVp-p/40mVrms120mA(Full Range),20mA(TYP Value)27U Inquiry
SPS800VDC12000W-2-13 800V 22.5A 12kW 1600mVp-p/400mVrms37.5mA(Full Range),15mA(TYP Value)13U Inquiry
SPS800VDC24000W-2-19 800V 45A 24kW 1600mVp-p/400mVrms75mA(Full Range),30mA(TYP Value)19U Inquiry
SPS800VDC30000W-2-27 800V 60A 30kW 200mVp-p/30mVrms500mA(Full Range),100mA(TYP Value)27U Inquiry
SPS800VDC40000W-2-27 800V 75A 40kW 1600mVp-p/400mVrms125mA(Full Range),50mA(TYP Value)27U Inquiry
SPS900VDC24000W-2-19 900V 30A 24kW 240mVp-p/45mVrms 120mA(Full Range),20mA(TYP Value) 19U Inquiry
SPS1200VDC24000W-2-19 1200V 24A 24kW 450mVp-p/90mVrms 100mA(Full Range),40mA(TYP Value) 19U Inquiry
SPS1200VDC40000W-2-27 1200V 40A 40kW 400mVp-p/75mVrms 120mA(Full Range),20mA(TYP Value) 27U Inquiry

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